Message Window Popup

By Triacontane

This plugins allows us to display a message window, right above a character that's speaking it. (Also called a 'speech balloon'.)

Use the following plugin command before a 'show text' command:


Here, 'Event' refers to the event/character over whom you want the message box to appear.

It's value could be:

-1 for 'player'
-2, -3, -4 for 'followers'
0 for 'this event'
1 for 'event ID one'
2 for 'event ID two'
and so forth.

If you want the message box to appear above event with ID 2, then the plugin command becomes;

If you want to turn the plugin off, and use the usual text-display system, type:

If you want to change the window skin of the speech balloon, then use:

Here, 'Name' is the name of the window skin in img/system



(Note: If you are changing skin immediately before displaying a 'show text'. Give a 5 frame wait command in between, or it won't show correctly.)

If you want to change if the speech balloon appears above or below the character, you can use the following plugin commands:


If you want the speech balloon to display while shaking a little, use the following text-code in the show-text:


Here, 'n' refers to 'shake power', with value probably from 1 to 9.


- This software is released under the MIT license.

Download from Pastebin

More Escape Codes

by Shaz


This plugin allows additional escape codes to be used in message boxes.  The escape codes are configurable, in an effort to provide compatibility with other scripts that add their own new escape codes.
How to use
Add to your plugins folder (file name should be MoreEscapeCodes.js).  
If you want to use faces for message boxes rather than manually choosing a face graphic, enter the escape code for the face selection.  Default is f.  Then in your message box, add \f[1, 2] where 1 is the actor id from the actor's tab, and 2 is the index in the face graphic (remember the top left is index 0 in the faceset image).
You could use this when you allow the player to choose an actor graphic, or choose a gender or class and you use the Change Actor Graphic command to assign a graphic (including face) to that actor.  
You can also use the code multiple times in a single text box to make your actor change expressions.  For example:
\f[1,2]blah blah blah
\f[1,5]blah blah blah
will show the face at index 2, show the rest of the text on that line, then change the face to the one at index 5 and show the remaining text.
If you want to use actor nicknames in message boxes, enter the escape code for the nickname.  Default is h (for handle, as n is already used by the default scripts for name).  Then in your message box, add \h[1] to show actor 1's nickname.

- free for use in commercial games

Welcome to the solar system!

This wil be a place I share my game with all.
An atmospheric storydriven adventure game with rpg mechanics.

Enter the hardworking future of humanity amongst the asteroids. watch drama unfold and live through it to uncover deception, lies, secrets.
A main story ark spans across the entire game with addition to side quests that are sometimes also crucial to advance in the game.

- Manage your oxygen consumption or get stuck without reserves.
- Try to live without gravity ( Your magnetic boots will not work everywhere.)
- Work and discover the asteroid mining base while uncovering secrets.

Yes this game is made with Rpg Maker MV.
I have done my utmost best to make sure it looks nothing like a typical standard game from Rpg Maker.